Internship Details




Internship Title

Blog and Social Media Content Specialist Intern
Area Industry Minimum Age
Bend Service 16
Hourly Rate Interns Needed
$11.25 1
Resume Required Requires Cover Letter Interview Required
Yes No Yes
Application Deadline Start Date End Date
Until Filled 2019-09-16 TBD (flexible)
Hours/Week General Computer Knowledge Drug Screening
5-15 Yes No
Background Check Lift Requirements
No N/A

This is a great opportunity to learn more about how to effectively manage social media accounts and build your brand through these outlets. Intern will receive guidance on how to strategically use blogs and other social media outlets to help raise awareness about Bend activities, events, kid stuff and real estate related content. This is a great opportunity for someone with interest in these areas as they will receive guidance and training on how to how to effectively use social media.
Educational Aspect
Post new articles to HelloBendOregon.com (HB blog), post pre-written articles, photos, add permalink, focus key words, all outbound links and other SEO related content. Post links to new HB blog articles to social media - HB FB page, HB Instagram, HB Oregon Moms FB Group and I Love Bend OR FB group. Intern will learn how to effectively manage HelloBend social media accounts consisting of posting a mix of content to include - things to do in Bend, kid stuff, real estate related content, re-post from local businesses and other accounts that feature outdoor adventures, etc. Outreach to local businesses via email asking if they would like to be featured on HelloBend blog. Host site will provide intern with list of businesses with contact information. Intern will send templated emails requesting info they would like to see included in the post. Write articles for the HelloBend blog - Take content given by local businesses and draft into an article, write articles based on your own experiences, take ideas Supervisor has for a post and draft into an article. Write credit and/or collaboration given. Update Wordpress site on the back end – Intern will receive training if not familiar with Wordpress. Create "New Blog Post" email and send links to database. Add new subscribers to database and send welcome email. Approve new Hello Bend Oregon Moms FB group members and send them a message welcoming to the group.
Further Requirements
Familiarity with Social Media – Facebook and Instagram.

Area Coordinator

Chris Haeg
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