Internship Details

Phase 2 Extraction



Internship Title

Extraction Operator
Area Industry Minimum Age
Prineville Manufacturing 18
Hourly Rate Interns Needed
11.25 2
Resume Required Requires Cover Letter Interview Required
Yes Yes Yes
Application Deadline Start Date End Date
2019-06-01 2019-09-01
Hours/Week General Computer Knowledge Drug Screening
40 Yes
Background Check Lift Requirements
Yes 100lbs

1.) Material Preparation – Measure and grind industrial hemp material to be processed – Submit request for required supplies and materials 2.) Extraction Machine Operation – Load specified amounts of industrial hemp product into equipment. Operate extractor machine to process industrial hemp material in compliance with applicable safety procedures. Monitor instruments such as temperature or pressure gauges, indicators, or meters to ensure optimal processing conditions. Set up and adjust machine controls to regulate conditions such as material flow, temperature, or pressure. Examine samples to verify qualities such as clarity, cleanliness, consistency, dryness, or texture. 3.) Post Processing. Load diluted oil/ethanol mixture into Rotovap machine . Distill ethanol and capture for reuse. Ensure removal of all ethanol from product. Examine product to ensure that contamination has not occurred. Operate the draindroyd to separate solids (wax) from liquid product and store product following established procedure. Collect samples of materials or products for laboratory analysis. Communicate processing instructions to other workers. Maintain logs of instrument readings, test results, or shift production for entry in computer databases. 4.) Cleaning and maintenance of lab and equipment. Inspect machines or equipment for hazards, operating efficiency, malfunctions, wear, or leaks. .Use sterilizing solutions to clean equipment and prevent contamination. Remove clogs, defects, or impurities from machines, tanks, conveyors, screens, or other processing equipment. – Clean or sterilize tanks, screens, inflow pipes, production areas, or equipment, using hoses, brushes, scrapers, or chemical solutions. Install, maintain, or repair hoses, pumps, filters, or screens to maintain processing equipment, using hand tools.
Educational Aspect
Learn the Industrial Hemp Extraction process to determine if this is a field of interest for potential future employment.
Further Requirements

Area Coordinator

Jason Carr
(541) 233-9692

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