Internship Details

Sisters Farmers Market



Internship Title

On-Site Assistant
Area Industry Minimum Age
Sisters Service 18
Hourly Rate Interns Needed
$0.00 5
Resume Required Requires Cover Letter Interview Required
Yes No Yes
Application Deadline Start Date End Date
Until Filled 2019-06-02 2019-09-30
Hours/Week General Computer Knowledge Drug Screening
6 Yes No
Background Check Lift Requirements
No Minimal

Want to spend time outside in the sunshine, helping a small community event? Sisters Farmers Market needs you! Our On-Site Assistants will help set up the market’s info booth, put up banners and signage, and haul a PA system up to the stage. You may find yourself helping a musician move her instruments into the shade, or leading an elderly person from their bus to a comfortable seat. Be prepared to put your phone away for a few hours every Sunday and interact with real human beings. It’s a fun gig without too much pressure. Additional opportunities will be available to assistants who show good work habits (being on-time, not flaking out) and motivation. For example, you could transition to a partial marketing/outreach internship or assist with live audio. NOTE: Assistants may take up to three Sundays off with prior advance arrangement. If you’ll need any days off, please include this information in your cover letter.
Educational Aspect
People skills, community, event and show production.
Further Requirements

Area Coordinator

Larry Holeman
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