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Internship Title

Teen Staff
Area Industry Minimum Age
Redmond Education 17
Hourly Rate Interns Needed
$10.75 1
Resume Required Requires Cover Letter Interview Required
Yes Yes Yes
Application Deadline Start Date End Date
Until Filled 2019-05-01 2019-09-01
Hours/Week General Computer Knowledge Drug Screening
Flexible Yes Yes
Background Check Lift Requirements
Yes Minimal

Primary function while working at REACH is creating connections for youth to thrive in our community through meaningful, fun, real-world experiences. Responsible for providing an environment that is safe physically, emotionally and mentally. Help youth get along with others, make new friends and build relationships. As a Professional with REACH I understand: I am accountable to the Operations Director. I represent REACH as a positive role model to REACH youth. In order to build relationships with REACH Team Members and youth, consistent attendance is a must. I will adhere to all policies and procedures established by REACH.
Educational Aspect
KEY ROLES (Essential Job Responsibilities): 1. Contribute to the establishment of an activity setting that insures the health and safety of our members (see Crisis Management Plan) during set Early Bird, After School, No-School Day and Summer hours. 2. Contribute to the creation of REACH’s overall positive climate for youth development by implementing SMILE. 3. Assist monitoring of activities consistent with the organization’s mission, goals, and current year objectives. 4. Provide guidance to REACH youth as appropriate with the well-being of REACH members in mind. 5. Adhere to all policies and procedures published by REACH (see Crisis Management Plan and Employee Handbook). JOB FUNCTIONS: 1. Assist with necessary administrative functions and assigned resources. 2. Provide guidance to REACH youth. 3. Assist in the management of Activity Areas. ACTIVITY ASSISTANT: JOB FUNCTION #1 Assist with necessary administrative functions and assigned resources. Performance Standards: 1. Assist with the organization and help facilitate activities for REACH youth to participate in while supervising and engaging in the designated activity area. 2. Complete any assigned administrative tasks (i.e. end of night reports, activity plans, attendance records, timesheets, supply requests) on assigned due dates. 3. Communicate with Assistant Director and Operations Director regarding any discipline problems. ACTIVITY ASSISTANT: JOB FUNCTION #2 Provide guidance to REACH youth. Performance Standards: 1. Youth receive guidance and make connections to help them fulfill and make appropriate choices about their educational, physical, emotional, social, and vocational needs. 2. Positive and respectful relationships exist between Team Members and youth, utilizing "active listening" skills. 3. When appropriate and with the guidance from Activity Specialists and Assistants, utilize the discipline procedures set by REACH (see Crisis Management Plan). 4. Youth are always held accountable for behavior within reasonable expectations. 5. Behavioral incidents and achievements are recorded and shared with Activities Specialist, Activity Assistants, Assistant Director and Operations Director. 6. There are efforts to promote the carry-over of values and conduct outside REACH.
Further Requirements
SKILLS/KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED  Currently Attending High School  First Aid/CPR  Food Handlers Card  Demonstrated ability in working with young people.  Ability to deal effectively with multi-age children, small groups of children in activities and free play, and large groups of children in organized activities.  Strong communication skills, both oral and written.  Ability to move around program spaces and positioning self to work with and supervise groups of children.  Occasionally work in outdoor weather conditions.  Some standing, walking, moving, climbing, carrying, bending, kneeling, reaching, handling, pushing, and pulling.

Area Coordinator

Larry Holeman

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