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Redmond School District’s tech interns reprogram, fix student laptops
District supervisor calls them ‘superstars’ for handling tech duties this summer. For further information click on the button below to view the full article.

August Chamber Newsletter Article
This is the August Madras Chamber Newsletter Article.

Redmond On The Job Training Comes To Redmond
Sam Stout, a junior energy systems engineering student at Oregon State University-Cascades, didn’t have to go far to find on-the-jobtraining. He is working as an intern at Composite Approach, a company that designs and builds composite aircraft, vehicles and other items near Redmond Municipal Airport. He said the company give him unique experience that he might not otherwise get. READ MORE.... Click on the link below!

    August 2018
    Jaime Tracewell
    "Being an intern over the summer at Redmond Economic Development, Inc. was the best decision I ever made. I had the opportunity to learn what a job related to government may look like, specifically as it pertains to economic development. During my internship, everyone I worked with was extremely supportive; the educational aspect of the job was very much emphasized. However, that is not to say that I was not given opportunities to learn on my own. The balance of responsibility and assistance was the perfect combination that allowed me to explore a career that could come of my interest in political science. Looking ahead, I look forward to furthering my education and finding links between my love for both government and science."

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