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What is an Internship?
  • An internship is a temporary position created by an employer providing the opportunity to learn and gain valuable work experience.
Benefits of an Internship?
  • Gain real-world work experience
  • Provides the opportunity to test the waters in your areas of interest
  • Gain High School credits (1/2 elective credit at 65 hours of work time)
  • Gain College credits (varies based on approved Internship and career path)
  • Internships provide great experience that looks good on resume and college applications
  • Employers are flexible to your school schedule
How to get Involved
  • Create your resume, fill out Student Profile and complete the Student Agreement and Data Release Forms (See below)
  • Meet with Career Counselor to review and submit your documents
  • Review current Internship Opportunities and let them know if you would like to apply
  • You will get notified if the hosting employer would like to interview
  • Prepare for an interview
Be Prepared For Your Interview
  • Review your resume with your teacher, advisor or Internship Coordinator.
  • Make sure that you understand what the internship is that you are interviewing for.
  • Review the website of the employer and come up with questions for the interview.
  • Make sure you know the address of the interview (don't be late).
  • Dress appropriately.
  • Be excited about the opportunity. Employers want to know that you really want to Internship.
  • Answer the questions the best you can (don't make things up!)
  • Shake hands firmly, be engaged.
Document Download - To Be Completed Prior To Starting Internship
  • Data Release and Student Agreement Form
    • Please download and sign (parents need to sign if under 18 years old) the appropriate document for the area in which you are attending school.
Steps to complete your Student Profile
  • 1. Do you have your resume ready to upload (user PDF file format)?
  • 2. Have you downloaded the required forms for your area? Fill out and sign along with your parents (if under 18 years old)
  • 3. Scan the documents (preferred file format PDF)
  • 4. Click to "Enter Profile" button below to take you to the Student Profile form.
  • OR
  • Download the Student Profile Form nd fill it out. Then along with your resume and signed documents send to your local Internship Coordinator.
Coordinator Information
Post Internship Student Questionnaire

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