Employer Information
Great benefits for starting an internship program
  • Find Future employees
  • Test-drive the talent
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase employee-retention rate
  • Give back to the community
  • Support students
  • Benefit your business
  • Develop the next generation workforce
  • Hours per week: 4-16 hours (variable)
  • Total Hours: 65+ hours (minimum for high school students to receive school credit;

    College students can also receive unit credits based on type of internship)

  • Period: 10-12 weeks (variable)
  • Paid/Unpaid Internship: Employer's discretion
  • Student Age Range: 16-24 years
Internship Coordinator Can Help!

Your regional Internship Coordinator can help connect to student from the local high schools,

colleges, universities and local youth organizations.

Prepare for Hosting an Internship
  • Can you support an internship?
  • Is the Internship paid or unpaid?
  • What efforts and training will be assigned to the intern(s)?
  • Who will be assigned to supervise the intern(s)?
  • Understand state labor laws regarding hosting interns. (Download document below)
Steps to Take
  • Meet with Internship Coordinator determine desire to host Internships.
  • Complete the Internship Request Form providing the details of internship.
  • Review candidates provided by Internship Coordinator
  • Interview selected candidates
  • Communicate the results of interviews to the Internship Coordinator
  • Welcome new Intern commencing Internship
  • Communicate with Internship Coordinator on intern's progress
  • Complete periodic evaluations
Internship Hosting Companies