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What is Youth Career Connect?

About Us

The mission of Youth Career Connect is to nurture a culture of internships, ensuring the quality and increasing the number of opportunities young people have to apply their academic experiences in workplace settings.

What is an internship?

An internship is a temporary position created by a business that benefits the host business and provides valuable work experience to a young person.

Testimonials - See what people are saying about the Interns!
East Cascade Works
"Natalie Overbay has been a part of the EC Works team since November 27, working to amplify our social media presence. Natalie comes to us from Redmond Proficiency Academy where she has learned valuable skills in marketing that she is certainly putting to good use at EC Works. We are delighted to have such a young professional working with us and certainly hope that we are providing Natalie with learning that will aid her in her future jobs and in life."
Jessica Fitzpatrick - Director of Programs

Youth CareerConnect
Youth CareerConnect is an initiative of Better Together, working to advance the collective impact of educators, businesses, governments, and youth development organizations.

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