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What's New In Internships
Redmond   10-07-2019

REACH in Redmond is offering two great paid internships in Redmond for students interested in Daycare and Child Development.  For more information check out the details in the Internship section.

Redmond   10-07-2019

Sleep Inn and Suites is offering yet another opportunity for a student to learn more about the hospitality industry.  This internship will allow you to learn about customer support, reservations, and operations in the daily routine that happens within a hotel.  This paid internship is a terrific way to gain experience,  learn about business in a great environment.  For more details check the information listed in the Internship section.

Sisters   10-07-2019

Great opportunity in Sisters at Metabolic Maintenance.  For someone looking to intern at a growing company in their computer and IT department this might be for you.  If you are taking CS type classes this is a good solid technical opportunity.  Go to the Internship section for further details.

Bend   08-16-2019
Immediate Opening!!! Interested in learning how to effectively manage social media accounts and build your brand through these outlets? Then the Blog and Social Media Content Manager Internship with HelloBendOregon is the perfect opportunity for you. This is a paid internship offering with flexible scheduling/hours. Don't let this great opportunity pass you by!
Bend   08-16-2019
IMMEDIATE OPENING!!! Z Onion Creative Group is looking for a Advertising Agency Intern. This is a paid internship ($11.25 per hour) and intern has the opportunity to earn a $500 scholarship check to the college they are accepted to (should they go to college) if they complete 150 internship hours. The educational aspect of the internship includes learning the programs provided for lead tracking and communications, filling out and printing forms and templates, verbiage for handwritten notes, building packets with sales touch materials as well as other general administrative duties. Requirements of internship are as follows: Must be at least a Junior in High School. Writing skills a plus. Must have professional hand writing and be able to write in cursive.
Bend   08-16-2019
Connor Rivera recently completed an internship with Motion & Flow Control Products Inc. He interned as a Warehouse Associate and was recently offered full time employment. In his internship Connor learned the skills needed to provide warehouse support including pulling customer orders, creating paperwork for inside & outside sales, stocking & moving inventory, building hydraulic & pneumatic hoses, assembling hydraulic components and working as part of a warehouse team. Connor is excited to be a full time employee and earn a steady paycheck. Congratulations Connor on your success!
Bend   07-31-2019
IMMEDIATE OPPORTUNITY!! QVI Risk Solutions, Inc. is looking for an intern to assist with a variety of health care/insurance related duties. Intern will be provided HIPPA training and will learn about how to enter health care claim information into various claim pricing systems and will be trained in health care coding. This is a great opportunity for someone interested in health care or insurance. This is also a paid internship opportunity! If interested please contact your Bend area Internship Coordinator.
Bend   07-30-2019
Ethan McGarry recently completed a summer internship with EarthCruiser. In his internship Ethan was cross-trained in a variety of areas including design, purchasing, fabrication, technical drawing and many additional areas. Ethan plans to go to college to study engineering so his internship at EarthCruiser was the perfect way for him to get experience related to his desired career path. Congratulations Ethan on the successful completion of a summer internship!
Bend   07-11-2019
Viviana Esteban recently started her summer internship at the Latino Community Association. Viviana will be the Intern to Client Services Coordinator. This is a great fit for Viviana as her long term career goal is to work as a professional translator. This internship will give Viviana experience in translating documents, supporting clients, working with databases and experience working in the non-profit sector. Viviana is thrilled that she will be interning in a position that allows her to get experience in translating. Congratulations Viviana!
Bend   07-11-2019
Hannah Bonito recently started her summer internship at Signature Hotels as a Breakfast Attendant. Hannah is very interested in the culinary field and this internship will provide her with valuable training and experience in Culinary. Hannah’s internship will provide her training in forecasting food quantities based on number of guests, monitoring the quality and consistency of food served and she will also earn her food handlers card through the internship. Hannah is excited about gaining experience in the culinary field and is looking forward to getting started. Congratulations Hannah!
Bend   06-28-2019
Kelsey Swenson is about to start her summer internship at Cascade Business News. Kelsey will be their Editorial Intern. This is a great fit for Kelsey as she is passionate about writing and is looking to gain experience in marketing. In her internship Kelsey will be writing articles and developing a social media marketing strategy and program. She is very excited to start her internship and is looking forward to learning new skills and expanding her knowledge in marketing. Congratulations Kelsey on landing a summer internship!
Bend   06-28-2019
Isabella Huerta is working at her new internship at Sylvan Learning Center. She will be Sylvan Learning Centers new STEM/Summer Camp Intern. She is excited about the opportunity and has a passion for STEM which makes this internship a great fit. In her internship Isabella will learn how to help students engage in STEM camps throughout the summer. She will also receive hands on experience working with young children as well as customer service experience. Congratulations Isabella on landing a great internship!
Bend   06-28-2019
David Hoover recently completed a successful internship at Aperion as a Creative Development Intern. In his internship David learned a ton of valuable new skills. When asked about his development through his internship David replied, “Before this internship, I had very limited experience in website design. They’ve gotten me to the point where I am confident in my website editing skills, and was even given the chance to set up a website for them from scratch.” Congratulations on the successful completion of your internship David!
Bend   06-26-2019
Joseph Murrer recently started a great summer internship at Rosell Wealth Management. Joseph is currently working on his Bachelor’s Degree in Business at the University of Oregon. He is very interested in finance and wealth management and his internship will provide him valuable experience in these areas. He will receive hands on training in various elements of the financial planning process, client experience and general office systems. Joseph is thrilled to receive relevant training and work experience. Congratulations on the new internship Joseph!
Bend   06-26-2019
Ronan Fletcher recently landed an internship with 911 Motorsports, LLC. Ronan is a recent graduate from Mountain View High School and is interested in working in the manufacturing/welding field. This is an excellent opportunity for Ronan to get hands-on experience and learn how the manufacturing industry works. In his internship Ronan will get to work on new unique products primarily designed for the automotive and metal fabrication industries. Ronan is thrilled with his internship. Congratulations Ronan!
Redmond   06-21-2019
Gabrielle Crouch has just landed a great internship with the City of Redmond in their Utility/Billing Department. Gabrielle is a Sophomore at Oregon State University. This is a great opportunity for Gabrielle to learn the inner workings of one our city's department. She will definitely get hands-on experience working on a number of different projects. Congratulations Gabrielle!
Redmond   06-19-2019
Composite Approach has created another great internship her in Redmond and awarded it to Olivia Merth. Olivia is a Junior at Ridgeview HS and will working on Audio/Visual projects at Composite Approach. These projects are designed to help in the creation of training and educational information for the company products. This is a great opportunity for a student to learn how a manufacturing company operates and presents their products to the market place. Congratulations Olivia and good luck!
Redmond   06-18-2019
Christian Ketchum just started his new internship at Christiansen Contracting her is Redmond! Christian will be working on a variety of projects over the summer learning the construction trade. Christian likes the field of construction and is anxious to learn more about this industry. Congratulations Christian!
Sisters   06-10-2019
Metrolbolic Maintenance has awarded an great new internship to Jackson Shropshire! Jackson will be a Research & Development Intern working in Metobolics's labs. Jackson is a local Summit HS graduate and is currently attending University of Colorado studying chemical engineering. This opportunity is a great chance for Jackson to see how a manufacturing company operates and works on new development for future products.
Redmond   06-07-2019
Abby May Pumala is working at her new internship at Faith Hope and Charity Vineyards! Abby May will be learning and working in the vineyard doing one of the things she loves which is working outside and with plants. Abby May attends Ridgeview HS and wants to learn how small businesses operate with the hopes to someday own a florist shop. Congratulations Abby May!
Redmond   06-07-2019
Jax Evenhus has started a great summer internship at Decals Unlimited. Jax will be working on projects related to marketing and social media. Jax is currently attending Oregon Institute of Technology studying graphics design. This is a great opportunity to gain experience in the field and while working with a company that specializes in graphics design.
Sisters   06-04-2019
Sisters Folk Festival has just posted a great new internship for a Marketing and Development Intern. The intern will be assisting in the coordination of social media content, donor and public communications, donor relations and fundraising event activities. The learning aspect for the internship will be where there is instruction in database management, training in marketing and promotional methodologies, writing and interpersonal communications coaching.
Redmond   06-01-2019
Christiansen Contracting just awarded an internship spot to Michael Austin Jr.! Michael did a great job in his interview and is very excited about starting to learn more about the construction industry. Michael attends Redmond HS. Nice Job, Michael and good luck!!
Redmond   06-01-2019
Sunwest Builders has selected Antonio Guardado for their summer Intern! This is a great opportunity for Antonio to continue to expand his knowledge and experience in the construction industry. Antonio is a Senior at RVHS and s 18 years old. Earlier in the year he did a great job interning at Composite Approach.
Redmond   05-31-2019
HA McCoy Engineering and Surveying has selected Ayla Adkins for a summer internship! Congratulations Ayla! This is a great opportunity to learn the inner operations of a reputable local company. Ayla is a Senior at Ridgeview HS and will be attending COCC in the fall.
Redmond   05-30-2019
Cierra Jones has been offered a great internship at Brightside Animal Center and will be learning how the center operates. Cierra is looking to follow a pathway of possibly becoming a veterinary. Brightside Animal Center will have Cierra do a variable of efforts that will allow her to learn how the center operates. Cierra will also be able to interact and care for the animals that comes through and stays at the center. Good luck Cierra!
Sisters   05-29-2019
Metabolic Maintenance in Sisters is offering a great internship for a Research and Development Intern. The efforts will include Key duties for an intern: • Raw material acquisition and organization (including receiving material, logging into lab database, transfer into labeled bottles, document control) • Compounding and blending of new formulations • Encapsulation of blended formulas (benchtop) • Maintaining and cleaning laboratory space. The intern will learn: • Introduction to good laboratory practices • Exposure to R&D environment • Product development • Technical documentation
Redmond   05-28-2019
Faith Hope and Charity Winery in Terrebonne is offering a great internship for a student that has a passion for learning a vineyard is managed. The efforts would include learning the aspects of different stages in the vineyard. Netting, leaf thinning, harvest. The selected student would learn that working in vineyard is a beautiful industry that has come to Central Oregon and is producing well. A career in Viticulture and Enology can take you all over the world but also keep you in Central Oregon. there are many positions that can be trained here in the vineyard and tasting room and need no formal education. We welcome young people into these positions that could build a future career.
Sisters   05-28-2019
Sisters Habitat for Humanity in Sisters just gained a terrific new intern! Grayce Williver will be learning how the organization operates while also supporting some of their social media and different marketing efforts. Grayce is a Freshman at Sisters HS. Congratulations Grayce!!
Sisters   05-27-2019
Grayce Williver just landed a terrific new internship at The Stitch'n Post/Twigs in Sisters. This internship will encompass learning and supporting the social media, marketing efforts and website data management. This summer internship is set up to be a great learning effort that will really help Grayce learn how businesses operated. Congratulations Grayce!!
Redmond   05-23-2019
Chloe Knudsen will start a new internship at Brightside Animal Center and will be learning how the center operates. Chloe will be helping with new animals coming in and supporting the operations. Chloe loves animals and wants to learn what it takes for an organization to support animals in need. Chloe is a Sophomore at Redmond HS. Nice job Chloe and good luck!!
Sisters   05-22-2019
Josh Liddell just landed a very nice internship at Hull Construction in Sisters. Hull Construction wants to expand to have Josh work on projects the promotes the companies efforts through social media. There will also be several projects where Josh will be working with leadership on video projects that can be used on their website. Josh is Junior at Sisters High School and really looking forward to the opportunity to learn how to build media that will help out the company.
Redmond   05-21-2019
Congratulations to Dylan Mattive for landing an internship with the City of Redmond! Dylan is a Junior at Redmond High School has been selected for an opportunity to work this summer at the City's Water Department. Dylan will be learning how the water system operates and supporting field work in a project that will be updating the local water meters.
Redmond   05-21-2019
Destiny Beamer has just started her new internships at the City Of Redmond Utilities/Billing Department. Congratulations! Destiny will be learning the operations while also helping in a transition from paper to digital record keeping system. It is a great opportunity to really learn the inner workings of City operations.
Redmond   05-14-2019
Composite Approach just made available another internship for an Audio/Visual Technician Intern. The intern will be working with management on pre-scripted employee training videos. They will be helping with all company all team meetings for audio/video needs. If time allows, work with our marketing department to keep website and data up to date. Employee pictures.
Redmond   05-14-2019
ATTENTION students interested in technology!! Redmond School District has summer opportunities for 4 students as a Technology Support Specialist Intern. The Technology Support Specialist Intern performs a wide variety of diagnostic inspections and repairs on computer hardware and software as well as peripheral classroom technology. In addition, this team member assists with inventory, device enrollment, and general technology maintenance.
Regional   05-10-2019
Brasada Ranch has posted a great opportunity at their golf course. What to be a part of a team and learn how they keep such a beautiful course check out the details in the Internship section.
Sisters   05-10-2019
Three Creeks Brewery is offering a new internship to learn how to be a Line Cook at their restaurant. For those students how have a passion for culinary and food preparation this is a great opportunity! For more details go the Internship section and look at the Three Creeks opportunity.
Sisters   05-10-2019
New Internship in Sisters! The Sisters Farmers Market is offering 2 different types of internships in helping out there summer efforts. Community Outreach Assistant and On-site Assistant. Both of these opportunities are helps get the word out and also helps the weekly Farmers Market in Sisters ever Sunday. Check out the full details in the Internship section.
Redmond   05-10-2019
New Internship Opportunity at Worldmark - Eagle Crest. Preventative Maintenance Technician. This is a great opportunity for student looking to learning more about resort maintenance and service. Worldmark is a great company offering this opportunity and willing to teach students the skill sets needed in this trade. The interns efforts will work in preventative maintenance efforts in the guest rooms, and the guest rooms have full kitchens and we run 88% occupancy year round so this position is to keep the units in the best possible working order.
Sisters   05-10-2019
Sisters Parks and Recreation District has brought on Bryanna Marlatt to participate and learn how to promote the organization through social media and marketing. Bryanna has started her internship and is really learning a lot and enjoying the experience.
Sisters   05-09-2019
Hull Construction has brought on a new intern from Sisters HS. Collin Harris land a great opportunity in the construction industry by accepting this internship at Hull Construction. Collin will be learning from industry experts where he can take his new knowledge and experience and apply them to his career going forward.
Sisters   05-09-2019
Central Oregon Youth Conservation Corps (COYCC) has granted a summer internship to August McKeown from Sisters High School. This summer internship is a great opportunity to work outdoors and learn about the forest and how it needs to be cared for. August is a part of a five member of from Sisters. As part of the effort August will also be learning the importance of team work and project based efforts.
Redmond   05-08-2019
Congratulations to Jared Hearing who landed an internship at Treasure Valley Coffee. Treasure Valley Coffee provides to their clients sophisticated coffee machines that needs to be maintained. Jared will be working with the lead technician and learning how to service and repair these machines. This is a great fit for Jared since he likes to work and learn with his hands and also enjoys the technical side of things. Good luck with your efforts at Treasure Valley Coffee.
Redmond   05-07-2019
Issac Hugie just started his new internship at Lindahl Reed in Redmond. Issac will be working on projects in a wide range of areas learning about business operations, marketing and project management. This opportunity will help Issac is determining a direction as he attends college and advanced into his career.
Redmond   04-29-2019
NEW OPPORTUNITY!! Redmond School District has just post this great new summer opportunity!. A STEM Camp Counselor is responsible for the day-to-day supervision of campers who attend STEM Camp. Each Camp Counselor reports to the Camp Director. As a Camp Counselor, you will be guiding campers through STEM-related activities centered around the topics of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. This position provides an opportunity to enhance leadership skills and build out the educational problem solving, creative and technology sections of your personal resume. The STEM Camp Counselors will build upon a wide variety of skill sets needed to closely interact with students, parents and other adults. They will be integrally involved with every aspect of the STEM Camp and will play many roles throughout the week.
Redmond   04-25-2019
Emily Edgren from OSU Cascades is really enjoying her new internship at REACH in Redmond. Emily is following her pathway by interning at REACH since she will be working towards becoming a teacher when she completes her Masters degree. Not only is Emily learning a lot, REACH is also benefiting by having a caring person working with their students.
Redmond   04-23-2019
Check the new Internship being offered by Treasure Valley Coffee in Redmond. The internship opportunity will be to shadow and assist Journeyman Service Tech performing diagnostics to coffee brewing equipment, water coolers and cappuccino machines. Once a diagnosis is made the next step is to determine what parts are required and repair as needed. This is a great opportunity to learn from an expert on coffee technology. Go check out the details in the Internship section!
Redmond   04-18-2019
Congratulations to Anthony Lilleboe for landing an internship with the City of Redmond! Anthony is a Junior at Redmond High School has been selected for an opportunity to work this summer at the City's Water Department. Anthony will be learning how the water system operates and supporting field work in a project that will be updating the local water meters.
Redmond   04-11-2019
For those interested in a career path in Child Development and Care, Ermila's Childcare and Bilingual Preschool is offering an opportunity to intern at their facility working directly with young children. This is a paid internship with the opportunity to work through the summer. For more details refer to the Internship listing.
Redmond   04-10-2019
Sunwest Builders has opened another summer internship for those interested in pursuing a career path in construction. Working on various SunWest Builders job sites in Bend and Redmond as a general laborer and carpenter's assistant. The intern may also spend time in the shop assisting the Safety Manager. Activities will include attending safety meetings, assisting with Job site cleanup and learning beginning carpenter skills as the opportunities arise. This is a great learning opportunity to work and learn during the summer.
Redmond   04-08-2019
CoEnergy is now offering another internship at their facility. The intern will be working and learning in an office environment related to customer service, also including filing, operating cash register, help with daily tasks. This is a paid internship and for more details refer to Internship listing.
Redmond   04-02-2019
Congratulations for Kyler Outman for landing a great internship at Fuel Safe!. Kyler will be working on engineering and manufacturing efforts during his internship. This internship fits right into Kyler's career path and desires to work in creative engineering and building within a manufacturing environment.
Redmond   04-01-2019
Emily Rivers has landed a great internship at REACH of Redmond. This opportunity follows directly with what Emily would like to pursue as a career. She loves working with younger children and this is a perfect fit for her. Good Luck Emily!!
Redmond   04-01-2019
A&E Masonry & Construction in Redmond is offering a great internship for students wanting to learn the construction industry. A&E Masonry & Construction is offering the opportunity to gain experience by working on a wide range of projects. This is a paid internship that can start immediately. If you are interested check out the internship listing and contact us for further details.
Sisters   03-28-2019
Black Butte Ranch has just provide several internship opportunities in Sisters at their resort location. From Social Media, restaurant services, outside on the golf course, there is a wide ranch of opportunities in a great location just a few minutes outside of Sisters. Check out all of the postings on the Internships page.
Redmond   03-28-2019
Congratulations to Jsamin Santillan! Jasmin was awarded an internship at Mann Mortgage in Redmond. Jasmin is a sophomore at Ridgeview High School. This internship is a paid, opportunity at Mann Mortgage with an opportunity for increased hours and responsibility during the summer months.
Redmond   03-28-2019
Congratulations to Emily Osborne who just landed an internship at the City Of Redmond Community Development Department. Emily will be helping the team on development efforts and documentation that is the primary responsibility of the department. Emily is a Senior at Redmond High School! Way to Go Emily!
Redmond   03-28-2019
Composite Approach is offering a great Engineering/Manufacturing Internship. This is a summer opportunity for college level students. It is a great opportunity for engineering students looking to work in the Redmond area over the summer. In working with the Engineering team you would be able to help on the design, preform and analysis manufacturing experiments with the help of the engineering and CNC team. Preform research and trials on various prepreg materials. Write and Document Standard work and operating procedures as necessary. Assist in design and assembly of new fixturing and tooling
Redmond   03-28-2019
Regency Village in Redmond is offering multiple volunteer type internships. There are different internship titles and efforts available. (List Enrichment Assistant, Dietary Aide, Caregiver/CNA, Housekeeping Assistant) Go the to Internship page and check these out. All of these are great opportunities at assisted living and care facility.
Redmond   03-27-2019
Jasmin Santillan has been offered a great internship at Mann Mortgage in Redmond. Jasmin is a sophomore at Ridgeview High School and really likes to study and learn about business. At Mann Mortgage they are looking forward to having Jasmin come in and learn the ropes on how a mortgage business operates.
Redmond   03-18-2019
St. Vincent de Paul is offering an internship. Assist the St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store's household department with production, quality control, merchandising, and customer service. A regular day would consist of helping inspect and clean household donations, stocking the sales floor with "new" merchandise, straightening the sales floor, and assisting customers with any questions. Enjoy your internship with a fun staff and friendly customers. All of the efforts and funding generated at the thrift store go to help the local community members with food and other necessities.
Sisters   03-17-2019
Congratulations Jacob Polachek from Sisters High School. Jacob just landed a great internship opportunity at Blazin Saddles Cycles. Jacob will be working in Sales and as a technician during his internship learning how the business operates.
Sisters   03-17-2019
There is a great new internship in Sisters at the Sisters Motor Lodge. This is a great opportunity for a student that wants to learn more about how a business operates in the hospitality industry.
Sisters   02-26-2019
The Youth Career Connect effort recently launched in the Sisters area and is making some great headway. The Sisters High School and local businesses are engaged and we are working together to help the youth in the Sisters area find internship opportunities. Check out the great article that came out in the Sisters Nugget. It is also posted here in the News section.
Redmond   02-19-2019
Congratulations to Beth Anne Yount from Sisters High School! Beth Anne landed a great internship at Sisters Dental. Beth Anne will be learning directly what is takes to be a Dental Assistant. Beth Anne wants to continue after high school working towards a profession in the medical field. What a great way to get some real-world experience. Best of luck!
Redmond   02-18-2019
Congratulations to Ashley Williams from Redmond High School!! Ashley landed an internship at the Dr Marci Aplin-Scott DMD Dental Office! This opportunity will help Ashley learn how a dental office operates. Ashley is planning on continuing her medical education after high school with the desire to become a Dental Hygienist.
Redmond   02-12-2019
Here is a great opportunity at Windermere Real Estate - Noah von Borstel/Matthew Gilman Team for college students only. This intern will be helping with transaction coordination, customer relationship marketing, digital marketing and everything else pertaining to the world of residential real estate in Central Oregon. For more details go to the Internships page and look at this great internship opportunity.
Redmond   02-12-2019
Congratulations for Cierra Jones for being selected for an internship at Timothy Park Photo + Video. Cierra will be asked to research agencies and companies in west coast cities, contact each company by phone to find out if they hire freelancers and getting specific contact information if so. This is a great opportunity to learn from an experience photography business and how to interact with existing and potential new clients. Good luck Cierra!!
Bend   02-11-2019
Do you like analytics, SEO optimization, databases or spreadsheets? Interested in working with analytics and strategy teams supporting companies like Nestle, Ford, IBM, Intel and Purina? What if you could do that right here locally while earning a paycheck? Global Strategies is looking for two interns this spring and two more in the summer to join their team here in Bend! Check out their opportunity for more information
Redmond   02-07-2019
Mann Mortgage is offering a great new internship opportunity. This internship is a paid, temporary position at Mann Mortgage with an opportunity for increased hours and responsibility during the summer months. Being in an office setting for a Mortgage Company, the intern will be given training in all aspects of our business. There are four stages to this internship; Office Organization/Administration, Marketing, File Processing and ultimately learning how to be a Mortgage Loan Processor.
Bend   02-06-2019
City Club of Central Oregons internship opportunity provides direct experience in multiple facets of operating a local non-profit as the intern will work directly with the Executive Director. Check out the internship listing for more information.
Redmond   02-05-2019
Attention students with desires to work in child care and development. REACH in Redmond is offering two different internships that can start now and work into the summer! Check out the listings for both on the Internship page.
Redmond   02-05-2019
Here is a great opportunity for students that are interested in working with a Redmond business to expand its market and social media presence. Pinto Decals Unlimited would like to host an intern to learn and participate in efforts to help the business grow by working with existing clients as well as potential news. Social Media efforts are great to help any business and there are projects that will be developed to get more people in the know about Pinto Decals Unlimited.
Bend   02-04-2019
College Marketing & Business Students! St. Charles is looking for a Marketing Video Intern to work with the Marketing and Communication team on a handful of video projects. Check the internships listing for more information on this paid internship.
Sisters   02-01-2019
This is a great new opportunity from Sisters Dental! If you are interested in following a career path in the dental field this might be interesting to you. There are two terrific Internships being offered. Both are paid internships and have training provided. Go to the Internship page and check out the opportunities at Sisters Dental!
Redmond   02-01-2019
Congratulations to Bethany Olsen!! Bethany is a Ridgeview HS student and is going to be starting her new internship at Highland Veterinary Clinic. This is a great opportunity for Bethany as she is looking at following a career path of working with animals and possible becoming at Veterinary!
Redmond   02-01-2019
Foresight Learning Center in Redmond has just opened up additional internship opportunities!! They are currently offering 2 paid internships and at least 2 unpaid internships!! These are great opportunities for students wanting to learning, and work in an environment that supports children development. Go to Internship page and check these opportunities.
Bend   01-31-2019
Premier Printing Solutions is actively searching for a graphic design intern to join their team and learn about the graphics reproduction industry.
Bend   01-30-2019
Marketing Students, Steve Bennett Builders new internship gives you a chance to work and learn social media marketing, search engine optimization, paid digital advertising, WordPress website development, creative content creation, and direct marketing campaigns.
Redmond   01-23-2019
New internship to help expand the business area for a local photography business. Timothy Park Photo + Video would like to host an intern to help out in expanding the business while learning an organized systematic approach to marketing a photography business.
Sisters   01-14-2019
Attention students in Sisters! Here is a good opportunity to show your social media skills while learning how the Tiny Home construction business works. Check it out this new internship opportunity from New Creations Tiny Homes.
Redmond   01-14-2019
Congratulations to Susanna Bailey! Susanna just landed an internship at Redmond Area Parks and Recreation District. Susanna attends Ridgeview HS.
Bend   01-11-2019
Interested in STEM and teaching? Have experience or interest in working with students at summer camps? Sylvan Learning is looking for a STEM Intern for the school year and a Summer Camp Intern! Check out the internship posting
Bend   01-03-2019
Are you interested in Political Science? Central Oregon Builders Association is looking for an intern to assist in their Government Affairs department! Look at the internship post for more details and how to apply for this position.
Redmond   01-03-2019
Congratulations to Jack Streans! Jack just landed an internship at Redmond Welding and Contracting. Jack attends COCC in the welding program. Redmond Welding and Contracting is a great fit for this internship and the owner Bend Davies is looking forward to having Jack start.
Redmond   12-07-2018
The Redmond Airport has selected its first intern, Stephan Jean-Paul. Stephan is a COCC student going through the aviation program. Stephan is not new to aviation as he worked in aviation while serving in the US Navy. Thank you Stephan for your service and best of luck with your internship!
Redmond   12-04-2018
Mia Thompson from Bend HS has landed a great internship at High Desert ESD in Redmond! This is a great opportunity for Mia to show her graphics designs skills in helping HD ESD with their marketing and social media efforts. Congratulations Mia and good luck!
Redmond   12-04-2018
Lynch Pro-Formance Products in Redmond has selected Noah Brown for an internship position. Noah has a passion for cars and will be learning the inner operations from seasoned professionals at Lynch Pros. Congratulations Noah!
Redmond   11-30-2018
Congratulations Jonathan Orozco! Jonathan has been selected to intern with the City of Redmond in the Community Development Department. This is a great opportunity to learn how one of the departments within the City of Redmond operates. Jonathan wants to learn how business operates so this fits within his career path motivations.
Redmond   11-27-2018
Congratulations Natalie Overbay! Natalie a student at Redmond Proficiency Academy is starting her internship at East Cascade Works in Bend. Natalie will be helping out on the marketing and social media efforts at EC Works.
Redmond   11-27-2018
Graphics Artists! Are you looking for an internship? The De Leone Corporation has posted a new internship opportunity. For those of you with Adobe Illustrator talents this might be for you. Please take a look at the Internships section for more details.
Redmond   11-27-2018
Here is a great internship opportunity from Emagineered Solutions. The student would be working directly with the President and Operations Manager on some specific projects. This is a great opportunity for students looking for an engineering opportunity
Bend   11-26-2018
Are you interested in participating in your Central Oregon community and helping others in need? Check out both new internship opportunities with the Latino Community Association!
Redmond   11-05-2018
WELDERS ATTENTION! Redmond Welding and Contracting has just opened up an internship opportunity in Redmond. This is a great opportunity for students that is going through the college level programs in the area. Age requirement is 21 years old.
Bend   10-24-2018
IMMEDIATE OPPORTUNITY!! East Cascades Works would like to host an intern in Bend. The opportunity is to help with the communications in media and outreach. This is a great opportunity for someone that understands social media and communications! This is a regional posting. Please contact either the Bend or Redmond Internship Coordinators.
Redmond   10-23-2018
Check out the new internship opportunity at Farmers Insurance!
Redmond   10-23-2018
Just posted - New internship opportunity at Trout Realty!! Go to the Internship listings and check it out!
Redmond   10-23-2018
The City of Redmond has a great new internship opportunity. Go to the internship listing page and see if you are interested!
Redmond   10-09-2018
Check out the new Internship Posting from High Desert ESD. They want to bring on an intern to support the CTE/STEM Marketing efforts. Go to the Internship Listings and see if it is a fit for you.
Redmond   10-09-2018
Good news! Sleep Inn and Suites just posted a new Internship Request. This will be a great opportunity for someone that is interested in learning about the hospitality industry.
Redmond   09-12-2018
Congratulations to Braden Alexander for landing a new internship at Composite Approach!!! This the second internship for Braden where he will be working on graphics design and development as well as audio and visual projects for the company. Composite Approach is a growing company and is very supportive and engaged in the development of learning opportunities that will help students gain valuable work based skills.
Redmond   08-07-2018
Check out new Internship post for the Redmond area. Composite Approach is looking for 2 Audio/Visual Interns. Click on Internships above and if it is fit for you!
Redmond   08-07-2018
Just In!! New Internship Request from Faith Hope and Charity Vineyards in Redmond. Click on Internships to see the details. If it looks interesting call your local Internship Coordinator.
Redmond   08-06-2018
Click on Internships above and see the new Internship Request from Composite Approach. They want to host an intern in their composites area. It is a great opportunity to see how the company works and to learn more about the composites industry.
Redmond   08-06-2018
New Internship posting! Check out the new Internship opportunity at Windermere Real Estate.
Redmond   07-05-2018
Take a look at the Intern Request from the Redmond Airport! This is a great opportunity to find out how the different departments at the airport operates. This will be a great learning opportunity that will allow exploration into a variety of different potential career paths.
Redmond   07-03-2018
Congratulations to Ayla Adkins! Ayla has been selected to start an internship at Herringbone Books in Redmond.
Redmond   06-25-2018
Noah Parks has landed a new internship at Colfax Tactical in their machining and fabrication area. Nice job Noah!
Redmond   06-14-2018
Congratulations to Jamie Tracewell for landing an internship at Redmond Economic Development Inc. (REDI). This was a very competitive application and interview process with students from the region up through OSU Cascades.
Redmond   06-11-2018
Hey for anyone interested in a career path in the dental field take a look at the internship posting from Rimrock Dental of Redmond! Click on Internships above and find out if it is interesting.
Redmond   05-24-2018
Congratulations to Zoe Lucas!! Zoe has accepted an internship at Rock That Ink. Zoe will be helping out in the marketing and sales portion of the Rock That Ink business. Good luck Zoe!
Redmond   05-15-2018
Congratulations to Brandy Toribio! Brandy interviewed at CoEnergy Propane!
Redmond   05-04-2018
Another internship placement! Kyler Outman has successfully been placed at Diamond Refrigeration and will be starting his internship when school lets out for the summer. Nice job Kyler!
Redmond   05-01-2018
Congratulations to Braden Alexander!! Braden will be starting his new internship at Impact Graphix. This is a great opportunity for Braden to learn about the graphics design industry and show his talents.
Redmond   04-24-2018
Congratulations to Isaac Hathaway for getting an internship at Rock That Ink!! Isaac will be helping out in the production department of Rock That Ink. Isaac has a lot of technical skills that will definitely help out!! Good luck Isaac!
Redmond   04-19-2018
Congratulations to Ashlee Loranger! Ashlee will be starting her second internship with Redmond Area Parks and Recreation District. Ashlee will be ending her first successful internship with H.A. McCoy and moving right into her second. That is a great accomplishment! Good luck Ashlee and continue your good work!
Redmond   04-04-2018
Congratulations to Bryan Turner! James will begin his new internship at Juniper Golf Course in the Operations department. James attends Ridgeview High School. Good Luck James!
Redmond   04-04-2018
Congratulations to Sean Tassie! Sean will be starting his new internship at Juniper Golf Course!! Sean attends Ridgeview High School. Good Luck Sean.
Redmond   03-22-2018
Congratulations to Miguel Martinez!! He will start his internship at Quality Truss on 3/26/2018. Good Luck Miguel!
Redmond   03-21-2018
Congratulations to Kate Hardy!! Kate will be starting a new internship at Herringbone Books. Kate is a student at Ridgeview High School. Good Luck to Kate!
Redmond   03-15-2018
Congratulations to Dominick Johnson!! Dominick as been accepted for the internship at Quality Truss. Dominick will be supporting the production efforts at Quality Truss. Dominick is a graduating senior at Ridgeview High School.
Redmond   03-15-2018
Congratulations to Sinai Lepe!! Sinai as been accepted for the internship at High Desert Education Service District. Sinai will be working as a Spanish Interpreter during her internship. Sinai attends Redmond High School.
Redmond   03-15-2018
Congratulations to Wendi Ayala!! Wendi has been accepted for the internship at High Desert Education Service District. Wendi will be working as a Spanish Interpreter during her internship. Wendi currently attend OSU Cascades.
Redmond   03-14-2018
Congratulations to Destiny Perkins!! Destiny as been accepted for the internship at Brightside Animal Center. Destiny will be supporting the center by assisting in with events and learning the general business aspects of Brightside Animal Center. Destiny attends Ridgeview High School.
Redmond   03-12-2018
Congratulations to Kolby Meyers!! Kolby as been accepted for the internship at Panacea At The Canyon. Kolby attends Ridgeview HS.
Redmond   03-12-2018
Congratulations to Garrett Pinkerton!! Garrett as been accepted for the internship at Panacea At The Canyon. Garrett attends Ridgeview HS.
Redmond   03-09-2018
Congratulations to Jill Norris!! Jill as been accepted for the internship at Opera Bend. Jill is supporting the program of "The Secret Garden" that will be performed at Ridgeview High School. Jill attends Ridgeview HS.
Redmond   03-08-2018
Congratulations to Jack McKenzie!! Jack as been accepted for the internship at Composite Approach.
Redmond   03-07-2018
Congratulations to Libby Hunter!! Libby as been accepted for the internship at Brightside Animal Center. Libby will be supporting the center by assisting in with events and learning the general business aspects of Brightside Animal Center. Libby attends Redmond Proficiency Academy.
Redmond   03-01-2018
Congratulations to Kolby Meyer!! Kolby as been accepted for the internship at Big Sky Balloon.
Redmond   03-01-2018
Congratulations to Logan Heagerty!! Logan as been accepted for the internship at Composite Approach. Logan will be working as an Audio/Visual Intern with projects focused on support for the new training and process manuals.
Redmond   02-28-2018
Congratulations Garrett Pinkerton. Garrett as been accepted for the internship at Big Sky Balloon.
Redmond   02-23-2018
Congratulations to Natalie Montalvo!! Natalie as been accepted for the internship at Redmond Area Parks and Recreation District. Natalie will be working in their Adventure Quest Program.
Redmond   02-15-2018
Congratulations to Antonio Guardado!! He has been selected by Composite Approach to start an internship as a Composite Technician Intern! Antonio is a senior at Ridgeview High School.
Redmond   02-14-2018
Congratulations to Emily Arrant! Emily started her internship at Redmond Area Park & Recreation District today! Emily is a Senior at Ridgeview High School.
Redmond   02-12-2018
Congratulations to Makenzie Harris! Makenzie started her internship at Redmond Area Parks and Recreation District today! Makenzie is a Senior at Ridgeview High School..
Redmond   02-09-2018
Congratulations to Sonja Alridge! Sonja started her internship at PCC Schlosser today! Sonja attends COCC.
Redmond   02-09-2018
Congratulations to Gavin Carroll! Gavin started her internship at PCC Schlosser today! Gavin attends COCC.
Redmond   02-06-2018
Congratulations to Karlie Skala! Karlie start her internship at Evergreen Preschool and Childcare today. Karlie attends RidgeView High School.
Redmond   02-05-2018
Congratulations to Ashlee Loranger!! Ashlee started her internship at H.A McCoy Engineering and Surveying today. Ashlee is a Junior at Redmond High School.
Redmond   01-27-2018
Congratulations to Ashlee Green! Ashlee start her internship at Green Plow Coffee Roasters. Ashlee is a senior at Redmond High School!
Redmond   01-24-2018
Congratulations to Kaylee Renfro!! Kaylee started her internship at Shasta Administrative Services today. Kaylee is a Senior at Redmond High School.
Redmond   01-22-2018
Congratulations to Rider Molina! Rider started his internship at Impact Graphix and Signs today. Rider is a senior at Redmond High School.
Redmond   01-19-2018
Congratulations to Donovan Marlitt!! Donovan started his internship at Straw Propeller Gourmet Foods today. Good Luck Donovan!
Redmond   01-16-2018
Congratulations to Jasmine Yegge! Jasmine started her Internship at Farmers Insurance - Dennis Marbell Agency. Jasmine is a Senior at Redmond High School.
Redmond   11-29-2017
Congratulations to Skyler Black! He started his Internship at Risse Racing Technologies! Skyler is a sophomore at Ridgeview High School.
Redmond   11-27-2017
Congratulations to Sam Stout! He started his internship at Composite Approach today! Sam is attending OSU Cascades working towards his Energy Engineering degree.
Redmond   10-19-2017
Congratulations to Ina Payton! She started an internship at NailMagic. Ina is a Senior at Redmond High School.
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