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The Youth CareerConnect (YCC) initiative provides Internship opportunities for students from high school, college and alternative organizations. These opportunities offer real-world work experience from local employers. Whether you are a student looking to explorer a potential career or an employer wanting to help support the emerging workforce YCC can help. By supporting experimental learning opportunities throughout our community, YCC has simplified the process for education and industry to connect with career relevant opportunities. Youth CareerConnect aims to achieve a work-ready labor force through the successful placements of youth adults into internships. Reach out today to your local YCC Internship Coordinator to find out more details.


Are you trying to discover a career path, or do you have a career path mapped out, but can’t seem to get your foot in the door? Are you looking for an opportunity to gain valuable career related experience with a local business? See what some of the students are doing in the region and check out the available internships by clicking on Internships. If you need more information go to the student section to get started.
Bend   04-03-2020

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Redmond   04-01-2020

Bad Boys BBQ food cart is offering a great internship for a student that has a passion for learning culinary and customer service skills. The efforts would include money handling, assistance with food preparations, cooking and managing to-go orders for customers. The selected student would learn that working in the food industry can be fun, fast-paced and demanding since it has come to Central Oregon and is doing very well. We welcome 18 years and older into these positions that could build a future career.

Sisters   03-20-2020

Sisters Drug has just posted a great opportunity for students interested in pursuing a career path as Pharmacy Technician.  They are offering a great opportunity with future support for addition education.  If you are interested check out the Internship for a full description and how to find out further information from your local Internship Coordinator.

Sisters   03-19-2020

Laird Superfoods is looking for students 17 years and older to learn about how they manufacture their products.  This is a short term opportunity to of 4 weeks but it can be up to 8 hours per day.  Schedule can be flexible.  This is a manufacturing type opportunity where you can be right in the production facility.  Check out more details in the Internships section.

Regional   03-11-2020

Heart Of Oregon Corps - Central Oregon Youth Conservation Corps has announced their summer internship program!  This is a great paid summer program supporting students across the region.  If you like the outdoors and want learn more about what it is like to work in the National Forests check out the Heart Of Oregon Corp listing in the Internships Section!  

Madras   03-09-2020

EDCO - Youth CareerConnect would like to welcome to our team, Debbie Taylor, who is now the new Jefferson County Internship Coordinator!  We are excited to have Debbie join the team with her experience of 13 years as a substitute teacher within the Jefferson County and Culver school districts.  "I am excited to be working with our future workforce in Jefferson County for internship placements within our growing businesses."  If you would like to reach out to Debbie, you can find her contact information on our About page.  Welcome Debbie!!  


Sisters   02-28-2020

Starshine in Sisters has just posted a great new internship for students wanting to work with grade school students in the area of theatrical performances and events.  For more information just to the the Internships page and check it out.  

Bend   02-28-2020

New Internship just arrived from Cv International in Bend!  For those with experience with Solid Works and a minimum of 18 years old Cv International is offering a great opportunity to work in a well-establish manufacturing company.  See the full details on the Internship Page and contact your local Internship Coordinator for further information.

Bend   02-28-2020

There are three new Internships that are now available in Bend at Adventure Guru!!  For those of you who love the outdoors and want to get involved with a great new company in Bend check out the available opportunities on the Internships page.  Contact your local Internship Coordinator for more information.

Redmond   02-28-2020

New internship opportunity at Trout Realty in Redmond!  In you are interested in gaining some great learning experience in the real estate industry check out the Trout Realty listing on the Internships page!  

Redmond   02-25-2020

EDCO - Youth CareerConnect would like to welcome to our team, John Charles, who is now the new Redmond Internship Coordinator!  We are excited to have John join the team with his experience working with youth in the sports.  "I am glad to be a part of the EDCO family! Being the new Redmond Internship Coordinator is a perfect fit for me.  Going out into our community has allowed me to feel the incredible enthusiasm from our local Businesses and their efforts to join hands in helping our young students with internship opportunities."  If you would like to reach out to John, you can find his contact information on our About page.  Welcome John!  

Redmond   02-05-2020

Check out a great internship for a college student looking to work in a small business environment in Redmond.  Advanced Stamp and Laser would like to host an intern working in the administration areas of the company.  You will be doing a variety of efforts and learning how the company operates.  There will be customer interfacing, general documentation support and learning the inner workings of operations.  For more info check out the post on the Internships page.

Redmond   01-31-2020

Congratulations to Chloe Leis who landed a great opportunity at the Redmond School District!!  Chloe is a Senior at Redmond Proficiency Academy and will be working with the marketing department in helping to get the word out about all of the great things going on in the schools.

Redmond   01-31-2020

Brightside Animal Shelter is offering a new internship!  This is for students who have a passion for animals and helping to take care of them.  There is a lot of effort that goes into animals and the people at Brightside are anxious to offer an opportunity to teach students about their operations.  For more information go to the Intenrship page and check it out!



Do you have a current project or business opportunity that your current staff can’t find time for? Have you thought about hosting an intern but are not sure where to start? Consider YouthCareer Connect your internship “easy button.” We can help you launch, revitalize, revamp or grow your current internship program, and, thanks to collaboration with our local schools, community college and university, we can help find great local student candidates to fill these internship positions.
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What are people Saying!

Economic Development for Central Oregon (EDCO)

Kali Davis (Intern @ EDCO)

EDCO was a great place to intern! I enjoyed all the hands on work that I was asked to do while being an intern. All the events were great, because of the people and the environment. So much goes into all the events and it shows! The people at EDCO are very caring and wanted the interns to be successful and helped us to do so. It was a great place to work and I learned a lot and met a lot of new people! 

H.A. McCoy Engineering & Surveying

HA McCoy Engineering & Surveying


“We couldn’t be more pleased with the intern Youth Career Connect recommended to us.

Larry was really able to match our needs with the most qualified candidate.

In fact, she has been such an asset to our company, that we’ve offered her a permanent position.”

City of Redmond

City of Redmond: 

I am so grateful for the time I spent as an Intern in the Community Development Department at Redmond City Hall. Over the span of 6 months, though my main role was scanning building plans, I learned a great amount about city planning and policies, and made unforgettable connections. I can honestly say that from this experience I feel more prepared for what is to come when I enter the work force after college, no matter what career I end up in. Through Career Connect, I was given the opportunity to connect with my community, and take part in a learning experience I would not have been able to find in a classroom.

Emily Osborne - Intern
High Desert ESD
"The graphic design intern that was placed with the Central Oregon STEM Hub through Youth Career Connect was such an asset to our team. Having young fresh eyes work on our branding and storytelling of the work we do has helped in broadening the understanding of our STEM work in the community and state. Mia was able to provide artwork and marketing materials that saved our organization time and effort to do and was also able to build on her own professional portfolio for future employment."
Angie Mason-Smith, Executive Director, Central Oregon STEM Hub
East Cascade Works
"Natalie Overbay has been a part of the EC Works team since November 27, working to amplify our social media presence. Natalie comes to us from Redmond Proficiency Academy where she has learned valuable skills in marketing that she is certainly putting to good use at EC Works. We are delighted to have such a young professional working with us and certainly hope that we are providing Natalie with learning that will aid her in her future jobs and in life."
Jessica Fitzpatrick - Director of Programs

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