Getting Ready for an Internship

Strategies for Success


Workplace Expectations: Regardless of where you work, there are skills and behaviors that will be expected. These are sometimes referred to as soft skills or professional behavior. Professional behaviors are guidelines for your interactions with others at your job site


Listening and Organizational Culture

  • Make sure to ask your employer about dress code guidelines (closed toed shoes, etc), and follow them.
  • Listening actively is central to receiving instruction, feedback, or information.
  • Effective listening helps you understand the culture and expectations of the organization you are working for.
  • Cell phones and other distractions should be kept away at all times during work hours.



  • Being able to express clearly and efficiently what you know and understand is critical for communicating with your supervisor, mentor, or a client.
  • Do you express confidence in your speaking? Are your commitments or comments clear and specific?



  • Teamwork is a combination of accepting responsibility for your role in the group while truly respecting and valuing the role and contribution of every member of the group.
  • An important aspect of teamwork is the ability to recognize and resolve conflicts with other members of your team.


Respect for Others

  • Be pleasant and polite to everyone regardless of their role in the organization or whether they are nice to you or others
  • Some people are hard to work with, but you will look far more professional if you don’t let them get under your skin and remain calm and easy to work with.


Be Reliable

  • In its most fundamental form this is about showing up for work, meetings, and training events on time.
  • Professionals recognize that the business they work for is taking a risk by bringing you into the organization. You show respect for your employer’s investment by being reliable in every way.

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