Express Employment Professionals has partnered with Better Together to provide Human Resource Services to businesses hosting interns.

HR Services & Employer of Record

Express Employment Professionals is willing to manage HR Services and become the “employer of record” for internships supported through the Youth CareerConnect initiative.

This service will be offered at a discounted rate to businesses partnering with Youth CareerConnect.

Express Process for Employers

  • Identify an intern through Youth CareerConnect and establish a pay rate with the intern
  • Contact Express Employment Professionals to establish an account, this includes:
    • Completing the New Account Information Form/Credit Information
    • Completing the Staffing Agreement/Terms & Conditions for CO-Employment
  • Establish a bill rate that is priced on a job to job basis
  • Each week the Intern will be responsible for turning in a time card for hours worked. This will generate the intern a weekly pay check and the Employer a weekly invoice

Bill Rates

Based on the type of work that the Intern will be doing and the Intern’s hourly pay rate, Express Employment Professionals will provide you with an hourly bill rate.

In support of Youth CareerConnect, Express Employment Professionals will only charge a 30% Mark-up on all internships for clerical positions.  For internships outside of a clerical code, the rate will be priced on a job by job bases due to the payroll variable costs.

Bill Rate May Include:

  • Payroll
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Express benefit package


For anyone who has any questions or needs specific rates please contact:

Stephanie Miller, 541-389-1505

Youth CareerConnect

Youth CareerConnect is an initiative of Better Together, working to advance the collective impact of educators, businesses, governments, and youth development organizations.